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• 6/9/2018

My game froze when i defeated Fluffy

I have defeated fluffy today and my game froze for a good minute then i had to restart my game. And after the game loaded, I wasn't rewarded anything for defeating the boss. I thought that you would be given a character for defeating one of the bosses but i wasn't rewarded anything please help and thank you in advance.
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• 6/10/2018
I guess that's the problem only the development team can resolve. Therefore, would you mind to send them a ticket regarding these?

 Support : EverWing Support
Support : EverWing Support everwing.freshdesk.com
• 6/11/2018
Sure, but how do you want me to do it? because I can only search questions from that site.
• 6/11/2018
You are not rewarded characters for defeating bosses, though in Boss Raids there is a chance that Characters are rewarded.
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