Aurora: Guardian of Nature is one of the Guardians. She is the fourth unlocked Guardian you can buy.


Bio: Caretaker of the forest, a true sister to Nature. Her enchanted magnet attracts coins and items!

Unlock at: Lv. 19

Availability: Buy with 150,000 Coin (Currency).




Aurora was born deep within the Whispering Forest, far away from civilization. She was always innately connected to her surroundings. The animals regarded her as one of their own. She could understand the songs of birds and the sighs of leaves rustling in the wind. The pulse of flowers seemed to beat in time with her own heart. But despite her love for her home, she wondered what lay beyond it. Her father told her to never leave the forest, claiming the outside world was a cold and dangerous place full of selfish and cruel people. His warnings, however, only served to spark her interest.
Eventually, she gathered the courage to disobey and journeyed to the outside world. She wandered into a city, and for the first time in her life, Aurora found herself among throngs of her kind. In sharp contrast to her father’s description, she found the people warm and the metropolis itself vibrant and exciting. She snuck back home before her absence was discovered, but her experience made an impact. Her fascination grew despite her father’s chagrin and soon she was sneaking out on a regular basis.
Aurora was in the city when the Cataclysm struck. She watched in horror as the monsters ripped through the place she had come to love. In an act of compassion, she led a flock of survivors to her forest home where her father anxiously awaited her return. Rather than chastise her, however, Aurora’s father praised his daughter’s kindness and welcomed the refugees in with open arms. Since that day, Aurora became a proud protector of both forest and the fairies who now call it home.

Sage Sage (sidekick) can be found in the background picture shared on facebook.

Associated AbilitiesEdit

Wildcard is a sidekick used by Urselius Urselius evolution line. Wildcard Ability enhances the Guardian abilities, based on the Guardian.

For Aurora, it adds 50% Magnetic Reach

Voice responsesEdit

Equip I won't let you down!
Get the item Super charge! Oooh, sparkly! Magnificent!
In Quest Here we go!
Dying Oops!!


  • All of the voice responses that more than one are exist randomly in gameplay;
  • The dubber of the Guardians is still unknown.


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