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is up to date. Click here to see more information regarding the former event! Or click here for the latter event too!
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Pharocius, the first sidekick with Prismatic Element EVER exist!

Pharocius is one of sidekicks from ≪Challenge of the Sphinx≫. Given his prismatic bullets that're strong against all other Elements, his Homing attack Skill HomingHoming with the skill Boss Killer Skill Boss KillerBoss Killer make him much deadlier to them! Also, his another skill Sticky Claws Skill Sticky ClawsSticky Claws is useful to easily gather items to enhance the Guardian's power!

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  • discussion page Talk:Missions
    new comment by Collagen 5 hours ago
    Comment: If you're very getting started with the game, you'll only see Alice who's ready to flight until you keep playing the game to fully reveal stuff.
  • discussion page Talk:Missions
    new comment by Urashiki8 1 day ago
    Comment: Greetings. I have an issue from the very start of this game regarding missions .... so far i do not had any whatsoever. I don`t know what i am doing...
  • discussion page Talk:List of Sidekicks
    new comment by Collagen 1 day ago
    Comment: It's a decorative effect exclusive to all Mythic dragons.
  • discussion page Talk:Tips & FAQ
    new comment by A FANDOM user 1 day ago
    Comment: I have a problem, I was playing EverWing and I closed it accidentally, when I opened the game again it showed the hall of champions so I closed it to...
  • discussion page Talk:List of Sidekicks
    new comment by Oshauun 3 days ago
    Comment: it has been a while since i last played. why is my sidekick having flames? and the others not having flames on their icon.
  • discussion page Talk:Quests
    new comment by A FANDOM user 3 days ago
    Comment: how
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