Fiona: Guardian of Dragons is one of the Guardians. She is the first unlocked Guardian you can buy.


Bio: She was born in the wilds and raised by dragons. When dragons fly with her, they earn 2x XP!

Unlock at: Lv. 2

Availability: Buy with 1,000 Coin (Currency)




Fiona’s first memories were of fire. She was found as a babe in the center of the Darkfire Volcanoes, her wings singed and her voice dried out from wailing. The indomitable spirit of the infant somehow kept her alive and strong despite the harsh environment. Seeing this resolve in the girl, the dragons who discovered her took the child in and raised her as one of their own.
As Fiona grew, she became as wild and feral as her scaly brothers and sisters. Together they raced through the fiery valley, dodging sputters of flames and rock. Every day was full of laughter and games… until the monsters came.
It was dusk when they arrived. Fiona had finished a day of playing with her friends, and sat perched on the rim of a volcano when she heard the roar of her foster mother echoing through the chasm. She raced back to the cave she called home to find her mother missing and a horde of monsters in her place. With great effort, Fiona helped drive off the monsters, but her mother was nowhere to be found.
Determined to keep the rest of her dragon companions safe, Fiona eagerly battles any monster she finds. To her, it’s just another game - and one she’s very good at! She only hopes the prize will one day be the safe return of her mother.

Raggle can be found in the background picture shared on facebook.

Voice responsesEdit

Equip Don't mess with my dragons!
Get the item It's feeding time, boys! It's us versus them. Let's show'em what we've got!
In Quest Let's show'em what we've got!
Dying Uah! Ugh, dusted!


  • All of the voice responses that more than one are exist randomly in gameplay;
  • The dubber of the Guardians is still unknown.


  1. Fiona: Guardian of Dragons