Lenore: Guardian of Twilight is one of Guardians, released in February 2017.


Bio: A mysterious loner, with a dark and haunting past, some say she acts as if she has 2 lives...

Unlock at: Lv. 25

Availability: Buy with 150,000 Coin (Currency).




Little is known of Lenore’s past. It is shrouded in hazy memories that are ever-shifting and incomplete. For as long as she can remember, people have always kept their distance from her no matter how hard she tried to be friendly to them. They whispered behind her back when they thought she couldn’t hear. But she did. She heard what they called her - weird, unsettling, creepy.
The sting of their words echoed deep in Lenore’s heart as she watched the world move by. But it was more than just their words that hurt. Everyone seemed to have someone, except her. She worried she would always be too strange for anyone to want to be her friend. Eventually the pang of loneliness became so deep she pulled away and simply watched from the shadows, too afraid to try to make any connections.
This quickly changed when the Cataclysm pulled her out of her isolation. The monsters tore the world apart and fairy-kind were left scrambling to find shelter, Lenore among them. In the aftermath, the girl managed to find a small group of other survivors determined to stand against the monsters. Inspired by the bravery of her new found friends, she joined their cause and took up arms to keep them safe.

Riblets Riblets (sidekick) can be found in the background picture shared on facebook.

Associated AbilitiesEdit

Wildcard is a sidekick used by Urselius Urselius evolution line. Wildcard Ability enhances the Guardian abilities, based on the Guardian.

For Lenore, it adds 50% damage from Ghostform.

Voice responsesEdit

Equip Will you be my friend?
Get the item Heh, hehe! So beautiful~ Look what I found!
Ghostform Darkness! Moooorree, moooorree!!! Muahahahahahaha!!!'
In Quest *sigh Let's get this over with.
Turns to the Ghostform HAH! Do you think this is the first time that I died? Death is just the beginning.
Dying Deja Vu~ So lonely~


  • All of the voice responses that more than one are exist randomly in gameplay;
  • The dubber of the Guardians is still unknown.


  1. Lenore: Guardian of Twilight