Actual appearance of monsters in the game

Monsters are the enemies of EverWing.


They attack by charging at the player in rows, or in the case of the meteors, travel fast near the player. Monsters' health is lowered by bullets from the player and sidekicks.

Monsters with glowing bellies drop coins, crystals and useful power-ups. Monsters have a different amount of health depending on their appearance.

After passing each boss wave, monsters become progressively faster and stronger.

List of MonstersEdit

Enemy Image Health Element
1 E1 30 Normal
2 E2 201 Normal
3 E3 371 Normal
4 E4 501 Normal
5 E5 650 Normal
6 E6 781 Normal
7 E7 901 Normal
8 E8 1011 Normal
9 E9 1101 Normal
10 E10 1181 Normal
11 E11 1251 Normal
12 E12 1311 Normal
13 E13 1361 Ice
14 E14 1401 Toxic
15 E15 1431 Shadow
16 E16 1451 Fire
Bomb-Bat BomBat 201 Nature
Meteor Meteor N/A Fire
Treasure Chest TreasureChest 40 Normal
Armored Loot Goblin

(Unique Monsters)

Armored Loot Goblin 1 - 15000 Normal

(activated when equipped with Spooky Sidekick)

Pumpkin 200 Normal

(activated when equipped with Spooky Sidekick)

Ghost N/A N/A