Sophia: Guardian of Adventure is one of Guardians. She is the second unlocked Guardian you can buy.


Bio: Renowned explorer, inventor, and scientist, she is 2x faster completing Quests!

Unlock at: Lv. 3

Availability: Buy with 12,000 Coin (Currency).




To say Sophia was born with a curious streak would be an understatement. Ever since she was small, she felt a thirst for knowledge and excitement. She spent long hours poring over tomes detailing hidden temples and ancient relics of the past. Machines were dissected and rebuilt, and inventions were drafted and created from scratch. In time, she put down her books, crafted her very own weapon, and hunted down adventure for herself. Her quests often led her on perilous explorations, but she always emerged victorious in the end.
One day she came across a codex describing a set of scrolls known as the Silverwind Secrets, so named because they were said to have been lost in the Silverwind Desert. According to Sophia’s research, the scrolls contained information regarding monstrous creatures from beyond the Neverend. Throughout the years she sought after them as she sought many other artifacts. But when the monsters showed up on her doorstep, she knew her pursuit was more vital than ever before.
Though the scrolls continue to elude her, Sophia makes sure to rescue any other items of interest along her way. The monsters have proven themselves to be destructive creatures and many historical remnants have been lost in their wake. In her quest to uncover the Silverwind Secrets, Sophia is always on the lookout for relics to salvage from the wrath of those nasty creatures.

Voice responsesEdit

Equip Onward and upward.
Get the item This looks interesting. Onward and upward. Overdrive! I can't find my glasses.
In Quest It's time for an adventure!
Dying Eugh! Oh, goodness! Oh, no!


  • All of the voice responses that more than one are exist randomly in gameplay;
  • The dubber of the Guardians is still unknown.


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